Why Do We Draw the Line There?

“The mother has the right to do with her unborn child what she pleases, even end its existence.” That is the view of many, and I’ve found few arguments really get pro-choice advocates thinking–or pro-life advocates for that matter. As I thought about things, I realized that there’s really only one question to ask: why […]

Baby in the womb

Precious Life, Before and After Birth 1

Life is precious, both before and after the birth. Medical science tries to offer many reasons why the baby is not a person or human or even alive. They use terms such as viability, fetus, and embryo to make the baby not a baby. However, when one looks at the evidence, one sees that the […]

Christmas Gift Come Down: Have You Opened Yours?

Some Christmas songs make no sense to me. Take, for example, “White Christmas.” Who dreams of being trapped indoors by a bunch of heavy snow that requires back-breaking labor to remove? Then there’s “Winter Wonderland.” Nobody walks in a winter wonderland – they run as fast as they can to get out of the cold! […]

12/21/2012 - What part of "no man knows" did you not understand?

Happy Mayan Apocalypse Eve

Today is the eve of the end of the world. That is if you believe the Mayan calendar depicts our destruction tomorrow. But look around and you’ll see the signs clearly indicate that the world will soon end. Hostess snack makers died, killing off the treasured Twinkie, though some are trying still to resuscitate it. […]

What an Outreach!

Last night I had the privilege of witnessing outreach unlike what I’ve seen before. Sure, some churches have done as much or more, but a church the size of First Baptist of Floral City. FBC’s 2012 Harvest Festival included thirty-one activities for the kids, a mountain of hot dogs and drinks, and was attended by […]

Went to Tampa, Did Some Good

This afternoon all of us went to Tampa to get some things at Costco and Men’s Wearhouse among other places. As we were driving around trying to find Costco using the convoluted and not-so-accurate map Costco provided online, I noticed a little tree frog about the size of a dime on the driver’s window hanging […]

Home Sweet New Home

We arrived in Inverness, Florida around 6:30 PM Monday, October 1. We just today got internet connected at the house we’re renting, so I’m just now able to sit down and type of the final installment of our journey from Texas to Florida. Mayflower arrived this afternoon and brought all our stuff into the house. […]

David sleeping in his portable crib in the new kitchen. His crib wasn't set up yet.

The beach and brownish water at Gulfport, Mississippi. The water in Pensacola, Florida is much, much prettier!

Through the Heart of the SEC

Day two of our drive from Longview to our new home in Inverness, Florida was more picturesque, almost as rainy, and much wetter than yesterday. We left Slidell, Louisiana a little later than intended and made our way through the heart of the Southeastern Conference (SEC): Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. We stopped for the night […]

Left Texas for That 'L' Shaped State

What is it about Florida, us, and rain? Dad and I connected the tow dolly to the van and put the car on the dolly Friday night. The skies were clear. Saturday morning it was lightly raining when Olivia and I began putting the final items in the car and van. By time we finished […]

The moderate rain we drove through most of the day.

Departure Day Arrives

Today we leave Longview, Texas for Florida. We’ll stop around the area just north of New Orleans, Louisiana. Because we’re leaving on Lauren’s birthday, we’ll stay the second night around or just east of Pensacola, Florida. Sunday we’ll give the kids a chance to walk along the beach — a birthday treat for Lauren. Then […]