When Adults are Merely Big Toddlers 2

The other evening I had the opportunity to witness a group of individuals engage in a dialogue regarding issues pertinent . . . oh, I can’t spin it that well. I had the chance to watch grown adults behave like undisciplined toddlers. The setting was a political gathering (which always seems to attract the biggest, […]

Toddlers fighting over a cup

A call to gospel-centered churches.

Gospel-Centered Church: Failures and Fixes for Local Churches 2

There is little doubt that the church is facing hardships and problems today. Attendance is in decline (especially among the vital 20-40 year olds), there are fewer baptisms, tithing is down, and there is a severe lack of theological knowledge among average church members. Local churches regardless of their size feel the impact of these […]

Christians Must Avoid the Big Bang Trap 3

Ever since the “Big Bang Theory” was proposed, Christians have engaged the secular world in the seemingly endless debate over the origins of the universe. Recently, scientists believe they have found the “smoking gun” for the Big Bang (or more accurately, the theory of “inflation,” i.e., that the universe has been ‘inflating,’ or expanding, over […]

The Big Bang Trap

What is Putin's Endgame?

What is Putin's Real Endgame for Russia?

That is the question few, if any, are really asking. Many pundits believe that Putin’s mission is the rebirth of the former Soviet Empire. Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and her continued progression deeper into Ukraine seems to support this hypethesis. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is being criticized by the political left and right for what […]

St. Patrick's Day: Another Excuse to Practice Depravity

Call me a cynic, anti-holiday, or the St. Patty’s Scrooge, but people today treat St. Patrick’s Day as another excuse to engage in sin, especially drunkenness. Along with other contrived excuses for such self-indulgence and gluttony (e.g., New Years, Mardi Gras), St. Patrick’s Day becomes an excuse to consume too much alcohol in the name […]

God's favor in salvation is not luck, but grace.

Dead Sea scrolls recently discovered in penny-sized rolls.

New Dead Sea Scroll Discovery Has No Impact on Biblical Truth

Researchers recently discovered a collection of small, penny-sized rolls among the Dead Sea scroll artifacts in Israel. These approximately 2,000 year old documents may contain new information regarding the religious practices about the time, may contain copies of biblical text, or may be unrevealing. Speculation abounds, but there’s one thing of which we can be […]

Congressional Crybabies: A Story of Full-Grown Whiners 1

Charles Dickens wrote volumes that spanned hundreds of pages meticulously describing every detail and nuance of people, towns, and situations. Movies today cover a host of chapters (e.g., the “Avengers” and “X-Men” series). Some stories necessarily require hundreds or thousands of pages, some only need a few pieces of scrap paper, but are no less […]

Congressional crybabies


Matthew McConaughey Reading Case for Christ 1

The picture is not doctored or Photoshopped. Lee Strobel confirmed that the 2007 picture is authentic: McConaughey was reading The Case for Christ. Here's Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey reading my book Case for Christ while working out. http://t.co/A3nEfILzXh — Lee Strobel (@LeeStrobel) March 3, 2014 This picture is even more profound when you consider McConaughey’s […]

Reasons Why Robertsons Should Not Quit 'Duck Dynasty' 2

Many a fan and supporter of Duck Commander Phil Robertson has called for the Robertson family to leave the extremely popular reality television show, “Duck Dynasty,” on the A&E network. While there is a certain logic to it, and the family’s response to the network’s firing (technically “indefinite suspension”) of their patriarch seems to allude […]

Cast of 'Duck Dynasty.'

Santa the Christmas Charlatan 1

As children get older they begin to ask questions about Santa and other children, leaving parents to explain the situation. Sometimes the answer is quite imaginative. Such was the case years ago when our oldest, Lauren, became inquisitive. Learning that many poor children don’t receive presents on Christmas, Lauren asked my mother, her Granny, why […]