Nine Factors That Hinder Evangelism: Rainer's Seven Plus Two More

Thom Rainer published a very timely article discussing an issue that I’ve been highlighting for years: a lack of evangelism among local churches. In his article he outlines seven factors that “hinder” evangelism. Rainer states that, There is no priority of evangelism. . . . Many laypersons believe that evangelism is what we pay the […]

Nine factors hindering evangelism in churches: an addendum to Thom Rainer's article.

Midway at the Texas State Fair.

Churches are Midways, Pastors are Barkers 1

When my family and I go to the Texas State Fair in Dallas, Texas, one of the areas we usually skip is the midway. Despite its fun music, bright lights, and colorful stuffed animals, we just can’t reconcile spending the exorbitant amounts of money generally needed to partake of its offerings. Nevertheless, midways attract thousands […]

New Responsive Design 1

As you can see, the website has undergone a major redesign. The previous design was based on the Graphene theme. While it’s a versatile and highly customizable theme, Graphene failed to offer the flexibility and responsiveness necessary to adapt to smart phones and tablets without purchasing an additional theme. While plugins can be used to […]

New website

When it comes to dating, "stop looking" is not bad advice, but very good advice.

Response To RELEVANT Magazine's Bad Dating Advice: Why The Worst Advice Isn't So Bad 1

RELEVANT published an online article recently outlining the top five “horrible” dating advices. The author, Eric Demeter, outlined five pieces of advice that he deemed bad advice to those who are dating. Demeter wrote regarding the most horrible piece of advice: To date, here are the top five worst pieces of dating advice I’ve received: […]

Using Two Pieces of Paper to Refute Karma and Tell the True Gospel

Karma is a popular belief today. It states that if you do good, good will come to you; if you do bad, you’ll endure bad things. This idea, when applied to the afterlife, teaches that if you do enough good things, then you’ll be let into heaven because God will see that all the good […]

How To Evang with 2 Papers-960w540h

Toddlers fighting over a cup

When Adults are Merely Big Toddlers 2

The other evening I had the opportunity to witness a group of individuals engage in a dialogue regarding issues pertinent . . . oh, I can’t spin it that well. I had the chance to watch grown adults behave like undisciplined toddlers. The setting was a political gathering (which always seems to attract the biggest, […]

Gospel-Centered Church: Failures and Fixes for Local Churches 2

There is little doubt that the church is facing hardships and problems today. Attendance is in decline (especially among the vital 20-40 year olds), there are fewer baptisms, tithing is down, and there is a severe lack of theological knowledge among average church members. Local churches regardless of their size feel the impact of these […]

A call to gospel-centered churches.

The Big Bang Trap

Christians Must Avoid the Big Bang Trap 3

Ever since the “Big Bang Theory” was proposed, Christians have engaged the secular world in the seemingly endless debate over the origins of the universe. Recently, scientists believe they have found the “smoking gun” for the Big Bang (or more accurately, the theory of “inflation,” i.e., that the universe has been ‘inflating,’ or expanding, over […]

What is Putin's Real Endgame for Russia?

That is the question few, if any, are really asking. Many pundits believe that Putin’s mission is the rebirth of the former Soviet Empire. Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and her continued progression deeper into Ukraine seems to support this hypethesis. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is being criticized by the political left and right for what […]

What is Putin's Endgame?

God's favor in salvation is not luck, but grace.

St. Patrick's Day: Another Excuse to Practice Depravity

Call me a cynic, anti-holiday, or the St. Patty’s Scrooge, but people today treat St. Patrick’s Day as another excuse to engage in sin, especially drunkenness. Along with other contrived excuses for such self-indulgence and gluttony (e.g., New Years, Mardi Gras), St. Patrick’s Day becomes an excuse to consume too much alcohol in the name […]